When Should I Place My Order?

There are many reasons you could want to have your order arrive on a specific day. You might be moving, trying to schedule a handyman, or just not want to leave your package on the street during your vacation.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a specific delivery date for your order. Still, we have some tips that could get you as close as possible.

All orders ship from our warehouse in Virginia Beach, VA, within 24 hours of the time of purchase. Please note that while we ship all items from any one order together, FedEx will often schedule different delivery days for boxes within the same order. You can track all the boxes in your order using the master tracking number provided when your order is shipped.

When trying to time your delivery dates, consider the following table for our fulfillment schedule during non-holiday periods:  

 Order Placed Order Shipped

Friday after 10am EST



Monday before 10 am EST


Monday after 10am EST 

Tuesday before 10am EST


Tuesday after 10am EST 

Wednesday before 10am EST 


Wednesday after 10am EST 

Thursday before 10 am EST


Thursday after 10am EST

Friday before 10 am EST



As you can see, we ship all orders quickly from our warehouse.  While we can cancel orders before they ship, the cancellation window is small.  Order changes and cancellations can be made before 9:15 am on the day the order is scheduled for shipping.  Once an order ships it cannot be changed or cancelled, this includes the shipping address.  Please double check your order prior to submitting for shipping address or order mistakes. 

Using the FedEx Ground map, you can estimate transit time to your location. However, busy shopping and holiday periods (like Black Friday) and weather events can delay transit times. 

FedEx Zone Map for Grain Wood Furniture

Zone 1 in pink (VA, NC and Washington DC) will have a transit time of 1-2 days. 

Zone 2 in blue (including NY, FL, IL) will have a transit time of 2-3 days. 

Zone 3 in orange (including TX and mid-west) will have a transit time of 3-4 days. 

Zone 4 in green (including southern CA, UT, AZ) will have a transit time of 4-5 days. 

Zone 5 in light purple (including northern CA, OR, WA) will have a transit time of 5-6 days. 




Day Purchased 

Delivery Estimate 

New York  (Zone 2) 

Monday 10:30am EST 

Thursday-Friday (3-4 days) 

Los Angeles (Zone 4) 


Wednesday-Thursday(5-6 days) 

Dallas (Zone 3) 

Tuesday 11:30am EST 

Friday-Saturday(4-5 days) 

Washington DC (Zone 1) 


Tuesday-Wednesday (2-3 days)